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The Fortus mc and mc build parts in the materials you're familiar with, but with the advanced complexity and high requirements needed for today's manufacturers. With easy-to-use interfaces and software controls, the Fortus printing systems make it easy to produce complex parts more efficiently and effectively.

Complex, high-requirement parts production means you can embed hardware, circuitry, and other non-thermoplastic materials into your parts easily, with minimal downtime for changeover. High-capacity material options on the mc increase your unattended build time up to two full weeks.

Advanced additive manufacturing is combined with the latest advances in FDM technology so you can expand your manufacturing business with speed, agility, and the freedom of your own designs. Reduced operation and training time since Fortus systems require minimal training to operate and maintain, with a simple touchscreen interface and easy-to-replace build trays and loading options.

No special facility requirements means you can install the Fortus printing systems anywhere since they produce no noxious fumes, chemicals or waste.

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Fortus systems are based on Stratasys FDM technology, so you can build durable parts with production-grade and high-performance thermoplastics. You can also produce custom tools, prototypes and low-volume parts with consistent static dissipative properties, chemical resistance, unprecedented strength and superior PEKK performance with Antero CN High-performance thermoplastics and sacrificial tooling material: Fortus mc only. Z part accuracy includes an additional tolerance of Note: Accuracy is geometry-dependent.

Read and understand CAD files natively to help you simplify the preparation, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of all your print jobs. GrabCAD Print offers an efficient workflow that streamlines job management in shared office and model shop environments using Stratasys 3D Printers. Insight Software lets you print directly from your favorite CAD formats, eliminating the STL conversion and adjusting you used to do before printing. Optimize your productions with advanced control options that automatically adjust support structures and material extrusion paths, while giving you the ability to pause production in order to change materials or embed hardware or circuitry.

Control Center lets you seamlessly share project information between users, creating a more streamlined, efficient workflow. Fortus mc and Fortus mc. Advanced Prototyping and Production. Drill jig, printed with Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber.

Learn More. Read More.Here when you need us most: Stratasys Direct is ready to support your manufacturing needs. Get instant online 3D printing pricing and lead times to start manufacturing parts. Get Started. Get to market fast and cost-effectively by 3D printing parts with our online 3D printing service. Watch this video to learn more about what Stratasys Direct Manufacturing can do for you.

Additionally, the lower part count translated into cost savings on the administrative side including inspection, purchasing, and product support. Manufacture robust plastic parts with engineering-grade thermoplastics with both industrial 3D printers and conventional manufacturing processes.

Make highly detailed, vibrant 3D printed parts with photopolymers. Photopolymer 3D printing materials are ideal for functional prototypes and concept models that closely resemble finished products. Produce complex geometries in one build with additive manufacturing metals.

Our additive metal experts have validated and developed metal materials for unique application needs. Create repeatable, cosmetic parts with a large range of urethane casting materials. With unique combinations of physical properties for parts manufacturing, our proprietary urethane materials are specially formulated to address unique applications. Discover how our custom 3D printing services and manufacturing solutions fit into each of the product development stages.

From take-off to the operating room, each industry needs custom manufacturing services. Utilize a 3D printing service with decades of experience in key markets. Our broad suite of manufacturing technologies and project engineering expertise enables us to take on your most ambitious challenges. Explore our resources to learn more about how our advanced manufacturing solutions allow your business to get to market faster.

Our knowledge base contains hundreds of articles, tutorials, case studies, infographics, white papers, design guides, webinars, videos and more. Make informed decisions on how, where and when to implement 3D printed parts into your operations.

STL is the standard file type used by most 3D printing systems. Learn how to convert with your specific CAD software. Bell puts our 3D printing services to the test to see if 3D printing meets its strict guidelines for functional production parts. Manufactured Parts On Demand 1.

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You Receive Your Parts Get to market fast and cost-effectively by 3D printing parts with our online 3D printing service. Ready to get started?Stereolithography SLA is the original 3D printing process still widely used today for its accuracy and speed.

SL is often used for prototypes, large concept models, form and fit models, investment casting patterns and master patterns. Stereolithography builds parts with a precise UV laser to cure and solidify thin layers of a photo-reactive resin.

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Post-build, SL parts require some support material removal and UV curing, as well as hand finishing or other requested post-processing. The design freedom and speed of Stereolithography makes design changes, iteration and validation easier than ever allowing you to get to market faster.

Stereolithography can create high dimensional accuracy parts with intricate designs and smooth surfaces. It also allows us to print watertight components in clear materials making it easy to test fluid flow found in product designs.

At Stratasys Direct we can build extremely light, large-scale parts in record time with our exclusive hollow build method. ID-Light is ideal for nonstructural appearance models. These parts build faster, weighs less and costs less than solid SL models. They also have a better as-built surface than pound foam. Contact an engineer now to learn more. Our finishing expertise take your 3D printed prototype and transforms it into a replica of your finished product.

Any surface look is achievable with our expert finishers. Look to SL for excellent dimensional tolerances, smooth surfaces and fine feature details. Mimic properties of ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene in layers as low as 0.

SC P. Evaluate your design with a physical model and get to market faster with SL. Read More.

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Build light-weight, cosmetic versions of your product with our hollow build method. Our proprietary photopolymer and build style produces consistent patterns with better burnout. Ready to make your part with SL?

stratasys resolution

Contact an expert to get your project started. Need some assistance with your 3D design? Our design services team offers a suite of solutions, including file creation and file repair.The Objet and Objet Connex3 bring agility and aesthetics to every stage of your product development and production. The Connex3 system was the first 3D printer in the world to simultaneously 3D print multiple colors and materials. It continues to lead the field with an even broader range of printing capabilities so you can create parts with the precision, look and feel of real production parts.

Connex3 delivers incredible efficiency with the power to serve your diverse needs with one system. Multiple materials can be loaded at one time in the Connex3, enabling you to print parts that require a range of mechanical, optical or thermal properties like non-slip grips, transparent windows or flexible hinges.

Produce smooth three-color gradients, vivid multi-color textures, sleek transparencies or milky opaque colors. No assembly required for parts 3D printed with multiple materials, so you can create custom jigs, assembly fixtures and tools with ultra-fine accuracy and smooth surfaces.

Introducing the V650 Flex stereolithography printer.

Over 1, material options are available on the Connex3, enabling you to print both complex and delicate features on your models, re-creating astonishingly realistic production parts. Delivering special material properties such as transparency, flexibility and even bio-compatibility, the PolyJet technology built in to the Connex3 systems offers you a competitive edge in consumer products prototyping, precision tooling and specialized production parts.

Material Cabinet: x x mm 13 x Objet x x mm GrabCAD Print simplifies the traditional 3D print preparation workflow and provides intelligence around printer usage so your team can get quality prints, faster. Print directly from CAD, organize print queues, monitor material levels and work with detailed views of your model. The tray and slice preview feature supports adjustments before going to print. Connex3 Objet and Objet Versatile Material Options.

GrabCAD Print. Connex3: Maximum Versatility Realistic multi-material 3D printed parts with speed, high resolution and a wide range of applications View the White Paper 5 mins. Enhance Design Productivity Connex3 3D Printers can help you meet the challenges of rapid prototyping 3 mins. Combine materials and colors and explore your imagination more easily and efficiently than you thought possible. Read More 5 min read.Create high-end prototypes, realistic models with specialized properties, and more.

With the accuracy and versatility of the Objet30 Pro, a 3D printer that fits on your desktop, anything is possible. Eight different 3D printing materials, such as clear, high-temperature and simulated polypropylene, offer the power to create realistic models.

The industry's best print resolution yields smooth surfaces, accuracy on even the smallest moving parts and versatility to create thin walls. Roomy tray size enables printing of a variety of consumer goods, electronics, medical devices and more. Simulate plastics that closely resemble your end product with the feature dimensional stability and high-detail visualization of the Vero family of materials. Use the Objet30 Pro to print with Rigid Opaque materials in white, black, blue, or gray.

For fine details, advanced testing, or moveable prototypes, employ the Objet30 Pro's specialized material capabilities including:.

stratasys resolution

Quickly edit trays, assign materials, manage job queues and perform routine system maintenance with click-and-build wizards. Enjoy software features including:.

Objet30 Pro. Desktop Sized High-end Rapid Prototyping. Objet Studio Software.

What is FDM Technology?

PolyJet Materials White Paper Learn about the vast range of PolyJet materials and the opportunities they unleash for product design and development. Read More 15 min.

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Read More 5 min read. Visit Website.Layer Thickness: Horizontal build layers down to microns 0. Size and Weight: x x mm Material Cabinet: x x mm 44 x The Stratasys J is the only true full-color 3D printer that delivers the best aesthetics and material properties. Full-color parts can incorporate a range of flexible Shore A values or translucencies along with the ability to print more thancolors. The large, seven material capacity allows you to load your most unused resins and avoid downtime associated with material changeover.

With Super High-Speed draft mode, you can print design alternatives quickly and reliably, elevating your design early in the process and leaving more time for refinement of your detailed design. The Stratasys J 3D printer offers finer layers compared with previous PolyJet capabilities with micron layer lines in high-quality mode. We look forward to opening up a whole new world full of colorful and new designs together with Stratasys.

Check out the eBook to learn how you can leverage the J Read The Case Study. Download The eBook.

stratasys resolution

Blog Events Specifications Build Size: x x mm Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Upcoming Events There are no upcoming events at this time.Multiple Materials and Layer Resolutions — Select from a range of strength and layer resolution options to suit almost any learning application.

stratasys resolution

Easy to Use — Minimal setup, auto-calibration, and fast and easy material swaps make this system ideal for educators and students. These printers are easy to operate and maintain for all experience levels. More Efficient — Enlist the all-new fast-draft mode to produce design concepts quickly and economically. Remote Print Monitoring — Monitor your prints from anywhere with the new built-in camera feature. Produce highly accurate, reliable prototypes, student projects, production parts and more.

Do it all without the need for dedicated expert staffing. And share it all across classrooms, campuses and a variety of your academic programs. The Stratasys F Series lets you print everything from fast, low-cost concept models to durable assemblies.

And the Stratasys F Series gives the option of up to four different materials, along with our easy-to-remove soluble support material. Even for your earliest design iterations, you can expect Stratasys quality and dependability. System Size and Weight x x mm 64 x 34 x 28 in. PLA uses breakaway support only.

Features like detailed reporting and remote monitoring help you easily manage your print jobs from outside the office. Combined with the ability to seamlessly share projects between users, it all adds up to a more streamlined, efficient workflow. Download Here. All Rights Reserved. Yelling Mule - Boston Web Design.

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